EN AW-6082

100 x 100 x 5 mm

Width x Height

100.0 x 100.0


5.0 mm



We stock a wide range of angle profiles in the standard alloys 6060 and 6082. If you request other types than the ones introduced - you are welcome to contact us.  

  • Width x Height: 100.0 x 100.0
  • Thickness: 5.0 mm
  • Temper: T6
  • 2.66 kg/m
  • Weldability: OK
  • Corrosion resistance: Good
  • Machinability: OK
  • Surface treatment: OK
On request

EN AW-6082

Has a high strength and a good corrosion resistance. The alloy is good for welding, and you can anodize it. 

We are not liable for items out of stock. The specified weight is theoretical. Please contact us if you have any further enquiries.